Netherlands: An Overview of the Dutch Hemp Market

May 18, 2020  Attaché Reports (GAIN) Commodities   Grain and Feed Locations   Europe and Eurasia, Netherlands Dutch hemp production occurs exclusively in the northeast part of the country, particularly in the province of Groningen where 69 percent of Dutch hemp is cultivated. In the Netherlands, hemp has traditionally been regulated via the Dutch Opium Act, which dates back…

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A Growing Opportunity in Hemp for Native American Tribes

For Native American Tribes, the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018—informally known as the 2018 farm bill, now signed into law—opens a promising new door to economic opportunity: hemp. Specifically, the new law legalizes production of industrial hemp, with certain controls, and gives tribes equal footing with states in seeking regulatory approval for hemp production. A…

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Developers race to meet demand for hemp-specific technology

Solutions for harvesting and processing the entire hemp plant are in overwhelming demand as inventors, engineers and other assorted tinkerers work feverishly to develop ground-breaking technology and machines for both small and large hemp-centric operations. That was the general conclusion of 30 industry leaders from 14 countries who gathered to discuss the global state of…

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