Tribal Leaders Symposium - April 19 and 20, 2017 at harrah's resort, rincon reservation

Get Ready Tribal Leaders! You are about to attend an event with experts who are passionate and committed to seeing success in Indian country.

top priority: setting tribal laws

First we need to address the Cole Memo and how Tribes are able to respond.  We have expert trainers who are knowledgeable in every aspect of this industry in Indian Country. There is plenty of time for question and answer built in to the day, so come with your individual questions. We host learning events so it is personal to each of our participants. Some of the topics covered include Regulations for the industry, Tribal ordinances, and general cannabis activity on Tribal lands.

Engaging Your tribe

No matter where you are at in your business development, you need to have a vision to grow.  Learn ideas on educating your community.  Different revenue generating options, using THC and/or CBD products.  It is beneficial if your tribal members understand the medicinal benefits of the plant, it's uses and treatments.

Opportunities for Tribal Revenue

This industry is growing at a rapid rate, especially with the passing of Prop 64.   There are opportunities to be successful and engage on a business level.  Tribes are approached regularly with offers from outside groups but must be informed on how to structure the required Tribal regulations.  The time to act is now!

Cole Memo

Find out first hand how to address the structure needed to fall within the federal guidelines provided in the Cole Memo.  Our trainers have experience and have developed regulations currently being used in the State of California.

Medical vs Recreational

Discuss the differences in operating under each of these categories in order to find what best suits your needs.

cannabis in INdian country

Whether you are already knowledgeable or just learning about cannabis, there is valuable information from others working in this emerging industry.  We take you behind the scenes into a testing laboratory, guided dispensary tours and grow facility tours. This event gives you the chance to meet and have one-on-one time with industry experts in the Tribal community. We are dedicated to introducing you to successful cannabis operations and this process by providing experiences, networks and experts!

Growing Operations

Our trainers consist of people with extensive, trusted and current operations in Indian Country.  We provide in depth answers to the grow  and harvesting process, what is required, types of grow styles, waste removal, water systems, security, soil options and more.

Cannabis Market

The science behind the leaf is a fascinating aspect of cannabis.  In order to run a successful business, you have to understand all of the options this industry offers.  We will introduce you to the wide range of activity involved in cannabis business. Including growing, processing, oil products, research opportunities, lab testing and analysis, as well as ancillary products.

Optional Tours a look at product sales

We think its a good idea to actually see the entire process so we take you to the end point of sale.  Dispensaries are open and operating and our tour will showcase and explain their business to fully understand the entire scope from growing to sales.

This tour is an add on, please contact us if you are interested in reserving this tour.

hands on:
guided tour

Get ready to see an amazing, state of the art facility.  This outstanding opportunity to go behind the scenes with tribal operations gives you an opportunity to experience what is currently being done.   Our tour takes place at a Southern California Tribal operation.  You will see a testing laboratory in operation on Tribal land and grow tours given by cultivators working in Indian Country.  You will get a guided tour of the process from start to finish!


Throughout this event you will be spending time with industry experts.  You are free to ask questions, run ideas past, and seek individual mentoring for your questions.   Use this event as a time to get your questions answered.  A successful business requires well educated decisions.  Don't waste time with trial and error, learn from those who have worked in Indian Country.