Hemp Symposium Brings High Tech Leaders to Indian Country

(LAS VEGAS) — In a recent announcement, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) rescheduled the first ever plant-based cannabis drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from a Schedule 1 to a Schedule V drug. Epidiolex, the groundbreaking drug designed to treat rare epilepsy conditions, will now join some cough syrups in the looser regulatory framework managing Schedule V drugs

One of the companies driving innovation in the space is GBSciences who is partnering with the Tribal Green Symposium to bring its technology and expertise to Indian Country. Already, GBSciences is launching its first tribal project in 2019 and the company’s Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Kuethe is scheduled to speak at the Tribal Green Symposium, an elite gathering of tribal leaders, lawmakers, regulators and industry professionals.

“GBSciences is changing the landscape with its cutting-edge technology. While many people think that growing hemp or cannabis, which are two different industries, is limited to traditional seed, earth and soil operations, GBSciences is changing the way we think about this multibillion-dollar industry and are using different methodologies that are cleaner, more effective and more efficient,” says La Vonne Peck, one of the Tribal Green Symposium’s organizers.

“There is a growing need for economic diversification beyond gaming in Indian Country. Time after time, tribes across North America kept telling us that they wanted to break into the hemp industry but they didn’t know how. The clear obstacle to growth was a lack of resources for understanding the law, logistics and regulation of this burgeoning industry, said Peck, former Chairwoman of the La Jolla Band of Luiseño Indians.

“We put together the Tribal Green Symposium to create a trustful environment and a network of trusted professionals who share the vision for economic development in Indian Country. With that goal in focus, we’ve sought  the expertise of global leaders in the industry to better understand the forces shaping this global ‘green’ economy,” says Peck.

The Tribal Green Symposium is scheduled for November 13-15, 2018 at the Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort, with the last day dedicated to a charity golf tournament to raise funds for university hemp research.

“As a former tribal chair, I know what it’s like to go in front of Council and request funding and permission to attend these types of events. If you look around, we are the most economical education option, but also the most serious and most qualified,” says Peck.

Registration is limited and details for the symposium can be found across Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram as Tribal Green Symposium or at NativeNetworkConsulting.com and @bit.ly/tribalgreen.


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