Innovative socio economic opportunities

Our Vision: Exercising Tribal sovereignty through socio economic development. Providing jobs to Tribal community, promoting Tribal business.

economic development

Agriculture, Energy, Commerce, Water & Transportation, Eco-Tourism Projects


Projects built to incorporate each community needs

strategic partnerships

Providing infrastructure support connecting Tribal governments, communities and partners


business management

All Tribal programs at federal and state levels, as well as implementing economic development projects from concept to construction


Hemp: One of our planets most important natural resources

We believe Tribes can utilize their strength in government operations, business enterprises and land/resource management to be successful and lead the way in growing hemp in the US. Dating thousands of years back, Tribes are good stewards of land and have an opportunity to support communities using an agriculture crop that is at the beginning stages of a huge economic up shift. Now is the time for Tribes to exercise their sovereignty and to be leaders in this industry.

Industry news


Hemp is on the Horizon. Will it Change the Game for Farm Country?

Congress could soon approve a bill to fully legalize the cultivation of industrial hemp. But will farmers grow it sustainably and take advantage of its environmental benefits before Big Ag gets in the game?

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